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What So Not

Hailing from the sandstone bedrock that is Sydney, this duo (one half skyrocketing electronic act FLUME, one half flaming dj rockett EMOH INSTEAD) is the fresh face Australia’s beloved ‘Sweat it Out’ and the voice of the ADD generation.  What grabbed my attention initially to this dynamic duo was their remix of Major Lazer’s “Get Free”, but what kept me checking back on their releases is their flexibility and limitless arsenal of sounds.  They have within their portfolio calmer disco-esque tracks mixed with trance elements, aggressive and angrier tracks, and even some moombahton (which we all know is my weakness).  With attention on them from some of the biggest names in EDM, it should an interesting ride for them in the upcoming months, so stay tuned.

Listen: Idea Of Happiness (What So Not Remix) – Van She

Listen: I Love To Rap (What So Not Remix) – Peking Duk


What So Not on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Emilio Cortez

Yes, call me a moombah-fanactic, but this Toronto based producer, and up and comer has sparked my interest again in the genre.  Since this whole trap epidemic, it seems to me that the moombahton sounds (ie. reggaeton and some dutch house) have been left to collect dust.  As this is one of my preferred genres, I have been on the hunt for new tracks to restore my faith.  I stumbled upon Emilio Cortez, and his “A Mover La Colita” and was pretty excited.  Mixing traditional spanish sounding samples with a mid-bassline and recurring stabs, the 808 kicks became the hook in my mouth on this one.  The young producer has been teaming up for a few tracks, including “Llegamos” (below), so when in need for a break from all the trap and want something lighter that will still keep your ass shaking (if not faster), than enjoy some Cortez.

Llegamos – Cortez Syndicate

Listen: A Mover La Colita – Emilio Cortez


Emilio Cortez on Twitter | SoundCloud

Cosmo Baker

Philadelphia native, Cosmo Baker is master of everything from hip-hop to disco & funk to electronic music, his unique style and spinning prowess is able to bring it all together in a cohesive, and funky manner.   His knowledge of music is only matched with his uncanny ability to move the crowd at live shows.  Cosmo is a rare breed of DJ that bridges the gap between the legendary DJs of yesterday and the superstar DJs of today.  His funk vibes generate a smile on my face almost instantly no matter where I am or what’s going through my mind at the time.

Listen: James Power – Cosmo Baker

Listen: You Got the Love (Cosmo’s Get Fresh Mix) – Candi Station


Cosmo Baker on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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