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Yesterday was a great day for EDM. There were a huge amount of new releases that came flowing in, but the one that impressed me the most was G Jones‘s Mirage. The Santa Cruz, CA producer has damn well made one of my favorite albums of this year. When a record is able to vary styles and sounds constantly while sticking to its overall theme it’s easy to notice the skill that went into its creation. This release boasts 9 original tracks from G Jones that contain aspects of Trap, Trillwave, Footwork, Juke, and Gitch Hop. Normally one would think that after reading through that list of that sort that they’re going to get a song from each genre, but that’s far from the point I’m trying to make. Jones has masterfully mixed concepts of each genre into all of the songs while remaining fresh, and straying away from repetitiveness. Songs like “Pyra” “Alias” and “Drift” are perfect examples of this mixing pot. As if the beautifully crafted originals weren’t enough, this album hosts 7 remixes from the likes of Bleep Bloop, Taso, and Profresher to name just a few. As I previously mentioned this is just about my favorite album that’s been released this year, and it’s going to be pretty tough to pass up. In actuallity Mr. Jones could have charged money for this release, but the fact that he’s throwing it out for free is a beautiful thing. This is the kind of album you share with your friends because you love them, and want them listening to the freshest music under the sun. Pick up this 16 track masterpiece, and bump it all weekend long. I know I will.

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