Puerto-Rican native SCDDALTA started making beats in 08, and with artists by the likes of J Dilla in mind, some one-of-a-kind tracks have come to our ears through his musical endeavors. I had the pleasure of being in contact with him for a little while now, and since then have expected nothing less than utter gnarly-ness from this mix. SCDDALTA hooked us up with a tracklist that any basshead who’s into artists ranging from Flossy to James Blake to Brainfeeder as a whole (if you don’t know about any of these, get on it) will go crazy for. Tracks by artists such as Sango, Ifan Dafydd, Jaw Jam, and others are featured along with some treats from his upcoming EP, all of which keep your head bangin’ to fast footwork tempos, to the dankest drag of your life (there’s a shwiggity shurprise at the end). So, once your done cleaning up after your eargasm, be sure to follow this guy’s Facebook and Soundcloud, and show him some international lovin’!

Download : The Dankles Exclusive Mix – SCDDALTA



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