We have seen a ton a new tunes this week and I had to make sure this little release from Bass Taste Records didn’t slip under your radar. Loud Flavor brought us these tunes earlier this week, the ‘Wild Bizznizz (Original Mix)’ is a fresh moombahcore track chock full of that gurgling bass I know some of you out there love. Sewn up in this little package of mayhem we also get a score of interpretations of ‘Wild Bizznizz’ from Noms, CODA, Efrain Vargas, and Mojo (with a little VIP mix from Loud Flavor slipped in there too). These guys put some wild spins on this track from Loud Flavor; Efrain Vargas and Mojo incinerate the jungle with lasers while Noms and CODA give it a little more of a moombah flare. Regardless, check um all out and be sure to swoop the download on Beatport if you want one of these little gems to keep!


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