I’d love to meet someone who considers themselves a Monday person and I’d like to ask why (and maybe poke them in the eye for saying such a thing).  I only say this because about every single person in the entire world that I’ve ever met despises Mondays and everything that comes along with them since the beginning of time.  Today is an especially awful Monday with this cold, fall weather coming in, but alas there is a ray of hope thanks to an NYC mad genius known as Soundkeepers, and his newest track.  The young producer usually deals with more electronic and progressive house styles, but dips his pen in the “trap” inkwell for this release alongside GXNZX.  Well sewn in both the intro and outro portions of the track, anyone can plainly see the synthy electro roots from Soundkeepers subconscious, but with the drop, raindrop bubble pops with a subtle and not overpowering bassline help me to forget my beginning-of-the-week-woes.  Enjoy a bit of escape from your Monday routine with the free Download.

Download: 2 Clean (Original Mix) – Soundkeepers & GXNZX


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