The time and effort that an artist goes through creating 100% original music can be a daunting, joyous, frustrating, and gratifying task encompassing much more then producing a product that will receive airplay nationwide. The bass enthusiastic collaboration that make up The Bolivian Marching Affair recently underwent the process and delivered a banger EP titled Escape Reality thats been blasting through our speakers since its release. Now they’ve let a few select others take a touch and brought in Speaker of the House (electro-house), Dirt Monkey (dubstep), Synchronice (moombahton),  Dallas Cornell (electro), NU.FO (vocal edit),  and Parallax (house on crack) on a standalone remix album. This has a bit of everything you could ever want and if you haven’t done so already, go grab yourself a cop of the OG album here! Enjoy mes Amis


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