Charismatic melodies, bass-pumping grooves, and a wonderful refreshment to the modern-day EDM scene can be found within this new 2 song-EP by the North Carolina based house and dubstep producer Tmare. Currently attending Elon University, this student is showing a lot of talent throughout all of his production, and it’s easy to see why when your hear what he has to offer in this new EP! Although Coloring Book only features 2 songs, one of them is an original and the second track is a featured remix by Skullee, an awesome, Norway-based, dubstep phenom. What brings these two seemingly distant musicians together is the label that the Coloring Book EP is being released through, Basstrap Records, which was founded by the Norse dj/producer powerhouse. With a strong electro-house feel, the Coloring Book original will have your head rockin’ and feet movin’ to the good vibes of an incessantly mesmerizing melody. However, where Tmare‘s version provides the need for a dancefloor shuffle, Norse basshead Skullee takes things up a notch with his remix, shoving filthy synthlines and bass tones behind the original’s innocent ambience , bringing a full-fledged force of bass to your face. We’re digging every bit of this EP, and if you are too, you can go ahead and download the EP free of charge in the link below, and dont forget show these animals some love on their FB or SC!

Download : Coloring Book EP – Tmare


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