There’s nothing like an underground banger, that’s for sure. But what’s even better is knowing you got it exclusively from The Dankles! We’re here to present an artist who’s well on his way to changing the idea what can be made in the fields of Trap/Juke/Sexy-Swag. This track, titled “Money” made me do exactly what the sample asks. I made it rain. I had it on my phone when I first heard this, so, sadly, I had no choice in the matter and lost all of my bread  on the train while pouring it on everyone. Well worth it; it was a happy subway car!  Much like TNGHT, this track doesn’t need a lot to make your head feel like it’s going to snap off. We promise this is one of the “triller” tracks of the year!

Download: Money – Mack Blajik



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