René Kristensen a.k.a. Noir is one of the most hard working and progressive individuals in deep house today. His record label, Noir Music, has been releasing non-stop hits ever since he started it in 2007. Signing and releasing music for artists such as Finnebassen, Danny Daze, Larse, and NiCe7 Noir Music has assembled a diverse and promising repertoire of talent. The series “Second Chances and New Romances” is already on it’s 5th installment, and include some personal favorite soul-house songs such as, “If This”, “Touching Me”, and “Truth Hurts”. He is extremely active online, releasing recommendation mixes every month, as well as original tracks regularly and a slew of bootlegs that are up for free grabs below. With a full length album expected to be released at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013, his music is sure to be played in clubs worldwide.

Purchase : My Lover – Ruede Hagelstein, Noir & Audiojack

Purchase : A Priori (Noir Remix) – Ruede Hagelstein

Purchase : Satisfied – Noir

Download : Noir’s Recommendations For September/October

Download : Bootlegs (Click the DL link next to the songs on Soundcloud)

:: Noir Music ::

Purchase : If This – Danny Daze & Matches

Purchase : Space Needle – NiCe7

Purchase : Lost Keys – Hector Couto

Purchase : About You (Fur Coat Remix) – Toky

Purchase : Touching Me – Finnebassen

Purchase : Truth Hurts – Tom Flynn


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