The name of this 2 track EP is the best introduction one can give to Nerd Rage’s newest release. When I first heard the title track, it was featured in HULK’s mix Devour the Weak, and boy did it get me off my ass and wylin’. I think Nerd Rage described his new EP best on Facebook: “If a robot ever overdosed on speed, it might sound a little something like this.” Outside of that, nothing but pure mayhem can be found within the laser shrills and explosion-filled impacts these tracks have to offer, and with an extra-encouraging exclamation of “WHAT THE F*CK!,” it’s hard to not lose your sh*t at each new drop. With the original in mind, the second track is a remix by the up-and-coming producer MUST DIE!, and he guts it to the core with a trap-influenced remix, maintaining the chaotic bassmentality of the original whilst still giving an 808-inspired elbow-jockin’ slugger to rock with. This EP is extremely live, so do yourself a favor and dish out some bills to purchase this massively sick EP. If nothing else, show the dubstep family some love and support and head over to the man’s FB and SC pages! Get buck y’all.

Purchase : WTF EP – Nerd Rage


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