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Angger Dimas

Originating from Jakarta, 23 year old Angger has been playing guitar since the age of 7.  He began his journey into the dance music scene only 3 short years ago, but he quickly caught his first major break with a signing to Australia’s mighty Vicious Recordings in early 2009. If Nasi Goreng, the mash up of rice, egg and vegetables, is Indonesia’s national dish, then DJ/producer Angger Dimas represents Indonesia’s national music with his mash up of chopped beats and pumping synths that are topped off with some Dutch inspired spicy sounds!

Listen: Before Midnight (Angger Dimas Remix) – Yolanda Be Cool

Listen: Resurrection – Angger Dimas


Angger Dimas on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Tetrix Bass

Tetrix Bass is a dubstep, electro, complextro duo who emerged from Israel in early 2012. Members Ami Mazrafi & Or Ben Muha have been creating electronic music since 2005 and decided to produce a HEAVY BASS project influenced by 8bit game sounds, funky disco melodies, jumpy production, and filthy ROARING BASS SOUNDS!

Listen: Big Face – Tetrix Bass ft. Ortega

Listen : Here Tonight – Tetrix Bass ft. Von


Tetrix Bass on Facebook | SoundCloud


Ventura, CA’s Bret Bradley produces under the alias Serenity, which is a perfect encompassing adjective to describe his sound. This all depends, I suppose, on what your definition of the word is, because if it’s something like frolicking through a silent meadow listening to the wind blow, then perhaps this isn’t your cup of tea. But if you can find a sense of serenity and calmness within a windstorm of hard electo lazers or super fast drum and bass tempos, then you have found your nirvana. It seems like out of the pure abyss, Serenity appeared and started wracking up numbers like crazy, so his latest EP, Nemesis, comes with much hype surrounding it. Download  here.

Listen: Ruin (The Freshest Prince Remix) – Serenity

Listen: Sentinel – Serenity


Serenity on FacebookSoundCloud

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