UPDATE: Bassnectar was nice enough to giveaway the title track “Freestyle” for free!  Grab it here.

Today’s gonna be a busy day at The Dankles, so to get a head start on things we figured we’d get it going right away. Lorin gave us his highly anticipated Freestyle EP right as the clock struck midnight. If that mix last week didn’t get you antsy for this fresh batch of tunes, then I’m sure Bassnectar leaking a song a day on his SoundCloud did. In this new EP, we get a sprinkling of  Bassnectar‘s finest: there’s starry galactic bass and ear busting lows we love. There’s some hyphy hip-hop fueled remixes and tracks with starry vocals and endlessly hypnotizing synth lines, best demonstrated in the Ep’s title track. These tunes aren’t out for free but you can hop on over to Bassnectar’s site and swoop the it in almost any format you want for about $6. And as always Bassnectar might be raging through a city near you soon as he’s on tour so be sure to check his calendar out because this tour is sure to be out of this world! Any how, go get down, wake up the fuckin’ neighbors or something.

Purchase: Freestyle EP – Bassnectar


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