If you’ve been following the EDM trapstyle scene at all over the past few months, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve heard of TRiLL MURRAY. If not, you’ve been doing it all wrong.  Recently, he and 710 Records linked up to help bring you a full-blown record of his intergalactic trapstyle tunes. The result: Lust EP.  Laced with spacey synths, big beats galore, and six remixes from artists ranging from G Jones to Taso, this release is sure to help you get lifted.

In addition, we got the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Murray and talk to him about this album and his steady ride into EDM. So, pick up the free download, kick back, and enjoy a good ol’ fashioned Q&A.

Download: TRiLL MURRAY – Lust EP


TD: So, for the A/S/L question of interviews, what’s your name and where are you from?

TD: You clearly had some practice in production before you started uploading music to the internet, how long have you been at this trade?
TM: I’ve been at it for a while my other alias has been hitting the underground and festival circuits for the past 2 years and I started this project probably back in April and wrote a ton of tunes and launched it over the summer and now here I am.

TD: What are your thoughts on artists using symbols and random characters in their names?
TM:I don’t mind it honestly the one thing that upsets me personally is that I used it in the beginning on my facebook and once you go over 200 followers you can’t change it back so I’m low key upset about that because my one issue is that its harder to find me on the social platform due to the symbols you cant just type in Trill into the facebook search bar and I also don’t want to fall into this sea of random beats and random people on soundcloud I want to stand out and gain respect I suppose. But all in all it’s a trip some people have the best names of all time on soundcloud its awesome.

TD: Who or what was the biggest influence in making that leap to begin making your own music?
TM: I would have to say that STS9 and Eliot Lipp introduced me into electronic music back in like 2005 I was listening to aphex and bonobo and squarepusher before then but I think STS9 and Eliot Lipp really pushed me to into the interest.

TD: This has become a pretty standard question of ours, what kind of equipment/software do you sit down with to produce in the studio? What about in a live show setting?
TM: I use a macbook pro with ableton and I use a few soft synths that everyone else uses haha I also have a Korg MS2000 that is super fun. Other than that I’m pretty minimal. For live set up I use ableton with an ipad I used to use turntables and then went to an MPD32 but I love the Lemur app for the ipad cause its fully customizable and I can do the exact same thing on the ipad that I can do on decks or midi controllers.  I low key want to learn CDJs mainly because all you need now is a flash drive and I think that’s amazing to just carry a flash drive around to shows makes everything way easier on lugging shit around.

TD: What was your main inspiration in creating this album? How did you approach the production of each track? Were you starting with the beats or melodies first, or was it a mixture?
TM: My Main inspiration is and will always be questions.  Questions to the higher power.  For example we all ask questions all the time in the sense of why are we here? What is our purpose? What are emotions/feelings/etc.? My songs are more or less digital audio questions basically banging on the door asking for answers that we will never seem to understand but want explainations. Also titties and outerspace haha.  My Approach is usually how im feeling that day or night and I go from there.  It’s a mixture of both I go from melodies first then bring the drums in a lot I tend to build around a melody.

TD: How does this material compare to your previous work?
TM: This is a total different project so when I first started it I started with a clean slate and thought that I wanted to do a new style that no one else is doing or mainly what I was previously doing.  Theres a lot of freedom when you think opposite from what you are used to.

TD: You mentioned you do all your own artwork, what kind of background do you have in graphic arts?
TM: I ‘ve been doing graphics since high school kind of a side hobby I guess. I also know exactly what I want and it is easier for me to do it myself instead of getting someone else to do it since they don’t see my full vision.

TD: Not to take from any of the tunes in their respective elements, but which is your favorite track on the album, or was your favorite to produce?
TM: “Lust” the title track is probably my favorite just because of the emotion put into it.  “Hiding Behind Every Door” is the most personal track I have.  The others are all good too but those two stand out to me more than the others.

TD: Aside from EDM, what can Trill Murray be found listening to on his personal time?
TM: Tool, Return To Forever, Bjork, anything on Warp, Mainstream rap I guess. I really dig Kanye West a lot even though a lot of folks don’t like him I highly respect his work ethic and his flow even though some of his lyrics are obnoxious I like shit like that. haha

TD: Are there any artists in particular that you have enjoyed the experience of working with yet?
TM: Ah man I’m actually trying to work with a few right now that should be awesome.  My other alias has worked with a few folks that are all really talented but I would like to work with all types of folks. I really dig R.L. Grime and have been following his music for at least a year now and I like his cleverness.  NastyNasty would be a dream come true to collaborate with.  When he started following me on soundcloud and commented on one of my tunes I about flipped cause he is next level.

TD: Any new releases or collaborations we should be aware of?
TM: Well I am doing an EP entitled LUST with 710 Records with a heap of remixes from some super rad 710 Heads that are all really talented.  I got a few collabos in the works.  I’m also working on a full length album for early next year. Going to release a few freebies here and there after the 710 Release.

TD: Aside from making tunes do you have any other hobbies that occupy a good lot of your time?
TM: Hmmmm…. I like to listen to music a lot almost constantly.  I like hanging out with my dog and just normal shit like going on nature hikes and shit.

TD: Last time in the studio:
TM: Today

TD: Last show you attended:
TM: Trap City in San Francisco Featuring ME!! Haha that sounds so lame

TD: Last long night you had:
TM: Geeze I always have long nights last long long night I cant remember hahaha

TD: Last good movie you saw:
TM: Moonrise Kingdom

TD: Thanks for taking the time to give us a few words, any last tips for those people out there on the web?
TM: Don’t take anything too serious have fun with everything you are doing and check your egos at the door.



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