As Halloween approaches, I’m constantly hoping that I’ll find some tunes that really embody the spirit of this holiday. You know, frightening enough to scare all the unsuspecting trick-or-treaters that come lurking into my yard. Luckily, I have found the answer to all my troubles, and it’s all within Vile, a new, grimey-as-f*ck EP featuring dubstep young stunners Protohype, Kezwik, and Rekoil. The talent that these three artists have been showcasing recently is truly remarkable; each of which have personally promoted some truly dope heavy bass. For example, Los Angeles-based Protohype has been pumping out an alarming number of tunes these last few few weeks, as part of his ‘Musical Mondays’ marathon. Kezik, a teenage dubstep prodigy, has had one of his most recent tracks featured on the Ibiza – Biggest Tracks: Dubstep. And Rekoil is about to drop a new 6-track EP titled Reloaded. It’s out next week and features dubstep warlords Barron, Makism, and Symbiotic. Rottun Records has been home to many of the finest grime kings in today’s dubstep scene, and this EP is another trophy in their cabinet of achievements. So please show some love to the extremely talented artists featured on this new EP and get your bass face on!

Purchase : Vile EP – Protohype & Kezwik


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