OWSLA Record-label firework Seven Lions has taken a very diverse change from his previous sound with this newest Days To Come EP, and as that would surprise me with most other artists, this Santa Barbara native has yet to fail me with a modification to his dynamic feel with each of his new releases. As if the man could not bring any more of an angelic yet dark feel to his music, this new 4 track EP provides a very well rounded and bass-filled approach, yet still provides an ambient and dream-like bridge between its heavy oscillations and glitches. The first track on the EP, Days to Come, takes you on a true emotional roller coaster, a mystical journey led by soft and soothing vocals through a starscape of synths until it reaches the true passion and grittiness of his track, utilizing all of the classic Seven Lions wobbles and grooves. The Truth is the title of the second track, and it is the perfect title for this song. Its introduction- a hard, 4 on the floor-driven beat, is suddenly abrupted by a short breath of rest, until it blossoms back into a euphoric, progressive-electro dancefloor heater, giving some truth behind the hard bass grooves and kicks it unfurls into your speakers. The third and admittedly hardest-hitting track on the whole EP is called Fractals, and boy does this deserve some serious recognition. Personally, I feel this songs brings the most change in dynamic to his EP, beginning in a bassline-driven electro floor jam until it crosses over into a wet, buzzing dubstep breakdown. To see an artist with such a alternate side be able to provoke such a head-rocking, power-driven track is extremely reassuring, and it only proves to show how much talent this producer has to offer. But, last but not least, my most enjoyed track on the EP is called She Was, and it features an awesomely psychedelic and futuristic producer named Birds of Paradise. Any glitch hop or neurohop fan will find this track extremely enjoyable, as its off-kilter drum kicks and trippy harmonies are what bring you in, until the melody unleashes an epic and grimey explosion of rubber-banding bass into your eardrums. I have personally seen this artist develop since his early releases all the way until now, and I’d be lying if I told you that he hasn’t changed exponentially and developed an irresistible and beautiful approach to the heavier side of EDM. Now, although the whole Days to Come EP is only available for purchase (which we HIGHLY suggest you do to support this awesome artist), we have his last track She Was (feat. Birds of Prey) for free download, in the red link below, ready for your use. So go ahead, click it and show Seven Lions some love!

Download : She Was (feat. Birds of Paradise) – Seven Lions


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