Halloween is an awesome time of year. There are haunted houses, people dressed up, parties, drunken antics, themed shows, horror reruns all month long, and as of last year, Figure‘s Monster’s of Drumstep series. If anyone is as seriously obsessed with the sheer intensity of Figure’s horrorstep as we are, this album is for you. Loaded up with 9 original tunes from Figure himself, Monsters Vol. 3 features remixes and collaborations by BareMessinianJ. RabbitOscillator Z, Ariok, Tommy LeeDr. Ozi, Phrenik, Alex Sin, and Pro. As you can imagine, there are more than a few “bangers”(as if the term even scratches the surface) on here, rounding out to a solid 15 track album. If reading that lineup made your hairs stand on end, just wait until you listen to the album. It’ll have you worshipping demons before you’ve even made it halfway through. HAIL SATAN 666!

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The Graveyard – Figure
Up first is Figure‘s new original tune “The Grave Yard” which gets the album kick started in proper fashion. This electro/dubstep bomb samples Screaming Lord Sutch And The Savages while defiling your eardrums in every way possible. Perfectly accompanied by it’s remix from Dr Ozi, a crushing drumstep adaptation that’s sure to make your teeth rattle, this song encompasses the sheer excitement of a Figure set.

The Corpse Grinder – Figure FREE DL HERE
The second original track “The Corpse Grinders” drops you quickly into that signature Figure drumstep style we’ve all become addicted too. This song features a spooky horn section while blasting through tight, technical, twists and turns of bass filled chaos that are a good taste of what’s to come within the rest of the album. The remix of this track features West Coast producer Phrenik, who kills it as well on his futuristic factory-dubstep take on this terrifying tune.

Otis – Figure
Devils Rejects
 fans should be excited to hear the third original track on the record “Otis.” Rob Zombie‘s character Otis Dritwood makes a sampled appearance in this relentless dubstep song from Figure. Truly encompassing the sheer viciousness of Mr. Driftwood all in single track, this song stands alone without a remix in massive form.

Creepin feat. Proe – Figure
The fourth new track from Figure creeps through rhymes from Proe depicting a zombie dreamscape one instant to a machine fueled apocalypse of bass the next. Properly titled “Creepin” this song drags you through audio flilth as it makes its way through various genres. Alex Sin rounds this tune off with a multigenre rework that is seriously impressive.

No Turning Back – Figure
Rolling in next is the song “No Turning Back” who’s symphonic Halloween intro is the perfect build up for a horrorstep tune of it’s size. Again a multigenre beast stocked with dubstep/drumstep/electro basslines that’ll make your blood run cold. The drumstep remix fitted into the line up by J. Rabbit is a mighty proper version as well. As it sticks to one genre you can seriously step back and see the versatility of the tracks this record contains.

Dead Or Alive feat. Messinian – Figure
If you’ve read this far, and the name Messinian hasn’t gotten you excited, I have no idea what you’re doing. The collaboration track “Dead or Alive” perfectly caters to fans of the hyphy deathstep side of things. Trailing a slew of vocals from Messinian the listener is lead into a sheer walls of bass from Figure that should help shorten your life by at least 3 years.

Michael Myers is Dead – Figure
We’ve heard “Michael Myers is Dead” on and off at Figure shows for awhile now, so you should be pretty on par with that beholds. The remix from Oscillator Z however, is an intense new take on the tune. Get ready for Oscillator Z to viciously blas laser bass into the listeners ears as they’re taken through a dubstep rework that brings new life to a great song.

The Werewold (Ariok Remix) – Figure
“The Werewolf” is a classic and crowd favorite song. Those surprised to see it’s return need to take 30 seconds to become hooked on what is The Dankles favorite remix on the whole album. Ariok  absolutely murdered everything about this tune. He fully encompasses the huge sound of Figure while laying down OG dub roots turning this song on its head in a great way.

Jack the Ripper – Figure & Bare
I know you Bare fans are pumped to see his named donned upon the list of artists to venture out on this Halloween inspired release. As you could have imagined, these two titans teamed up to create an incredible new original entitled “Jack the Ripper.” Pile driving the listener through a moshpit of bass noises and industrial burps, Bare Figure keep the listener hooked until the final seconds of the song.

Pound of Blood – Figure & Tommy Lee
“Pound of Blood” is another oldie but goodie. If you haven’t  heard Figure and Motley Crew  drummer Tommy Lee get down on this track before, it’s highly suggested you check out this original track.


– Stephen 

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