I see islands. Definitely not the cliche tropical fantasy one might initially think of, but an metaphoric island you go to after your heart’s been ripped out. That’s all I can envision when listening to the newest cut from Kastle. The ridiculously sexy samples combined with the track’s trillness — not to mention its borderline trapstyle beat — makes me fantasize about better times. The lyrics repeat, “I just want you close.”

Kastle has absolutely killed it with this VIP remix, done for his Stay Forever tour which has been passing through the US (might even be in your city soon) and will soon be heading out to New Zealand and Australia in November and December. So don’t slack, and get you life together by snagging this free download and showing some love to one of the most well-rounded DJs out there!

Download : Stay Forever (Tour VIP Remix) – Kastle


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