Ahh, fall. The leaves are changing, the smell of apple pie lingers around ever corner, and strangers are somehow friendlier when wrapped in flannel. But, most importantly, fall means Halloween, and with October halfway over, the celebration of the year is in sight. No matter where you live, I’m sure you have seen show after show being announced to commemorate the festivities. Now, that’s all well and good, and I’m sure some of them seem like they would be a lot of fun, but I have news for you: It’s time to put any other plans you have for Halloween weekend aside. The ghosts and ghouls of the Santa Barbara woods are calling each an every one of you to come out and celebrate the full moon at Live Oak Campground for the Lunacy Music and Arts Festival. It boasts a stunning array of performers, shows, and hands on workshops all nestled in the spooky woods of Santa Barbara. There couldn’t be a better place to be or better people to be with when the full moon rises! Before I shed some light on what Lunacy has in store, take a moment read what this festival is all about…

“Since time immemorial, the moon has been a timekeeper, allowing us to meter our journey through the universe.  It is nocturnal illumination, it brings us light when all is dark and guides our adventures in the night.  We celebrate it’s coming to fullness together as a community.”
Lunacy Music & Arts Festival


Dr Megavolt from Victoria Charters on Vimeo.

Unlike most other festivals, simply seeing live music will be only half the fun this Halloween weekend! To kick things off, we would like to bringDr. Austin Richards to your attention, better know as his stage name, Dr. Megavolt. Apparently, he lets 1,000,000 volts of electricity surge across his steel skinned,  oone-of-a-kind suit. Yeah, that’s definitely something you don’t want to miss. Aside from that possibly untopable showcase, there will be a full moon drum circle on Sunday evening beneath the Harvest Moon, with another ceremony at Nature Dreamweaver’s ornately designed landscape piece at 11:11pm. On Saturday at 4:30pm, a peace ceremony will be hosted, where anyone who feels compelled can come forth to become one with each other and the wonderful Earth we all inhabit.

The smorgasbord doesn’t stop there, guys and gals. The good folks over at Lunacy are also orchestrating a Halloween Fashion Show that’s set to be judged on Friday evening at 7pm. Yes, that means each and every one of you is urged to come out in your Halloween best! Now, there’s sure to be some ghastly creations crawling around, so to win this fashion show be sure to go all out! Let your minds run with this; we hope to see some creative and unique costumes that weekend! Just in case we have some comic fans out there too, I’d like to bring to everyones attention to the Super Hero and Super Villain Party (yeah, that’s right, PARTY) at the electronic stage Friday night after the fashion show.

To wrap up the extracurricular activities for the weekend, Lunacy has one more trick up their sleeve… A hoard of moaning, brain-hungry, flesh-craving Zombies. On Saturday night at dusk the vendor village will be overtaken by waves of the undead as the Zombie Crawl makes its way through the grounds. If you wanna get in on this, be sure you get on over to the creation station early to get yourself all done up!

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Now lets hope all this is a little bit of eye opener as to where you need to be this Halloween weekend. We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces!

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