As if yesterday wasn’t crammed with enough bass (see: Bassnectar‘s Freestyle EP and Figure‘s newest tomb of monsters being unleashed upon the living), West Coast bass powerhouse Stephan Jacobs also dropped his self-titled full length album on us. If you’re not familiar with Stephan Jacobs style, then you’re in for a treat. Jacobs takes us through a stellar journey almost unlike anything we’ve heard before. “The Turning Leaves” brings us up into the fringes of the atmosphere, while the extra umph in “Imagine” and “Beautiful World” us out into the cosmos. From there on out, Jacobs kicks it into hyperdrive and unleashes a barrage of lasers littered with gut wrenching, gurgling bass drops. This is definitely an album to toss on a kick back for a good while, letting your system cranked up to the point it makes the hair on your neck stand on end.

Be sure to give Stephan Jacobs and Bass Cartel the love they deserve for this phenomenal free release! And be sure to catch him on tour with ill.Gates and JayFay over the next few months on their Church of Bass Tour. Take a peek at what ill.Gates had to say about the upcoming tour below, and then download the album free of charge.



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