There isn’t much bio on the Canadian Wax Romeo, nor had I even heard of the producer before coming across this gem on soundcloud, but but his diversity in this album is so astounding that I felt I had to share. Having been producing a unique hybrid of house music since 2009, Wax Romeo has released tracks with the likes of Bigfoot Records, Jalapeño Records, and Punch Out Recordings. This album is really hard to classify into one specific genre. Regarding Heavenz 2 Murgatroyd, T&A Records states,”Trying to nail down a genre is a challenge even for individual songs, much less the whole album. You could apply genre tags from purple dubstep, future garage, pots-and-pans house, acid house and techno, and you wouldn’t be wrong.” The album takes truly surprising turns at every song, yet somehow manages to maintain a silky-smooth flow throughout. Going from the deep house bumps of “Minti,” to the gritty creeping dubstep of “Foxycution,” to the pulsating UK bass of “Say Anything,” Wax Romeo touches on nearly the entire spectrum of house and electronic music in just 14 tracks. The album was released on Beatport two days ago and can be purchased below!

Purchase : Heavenz 2 Murgatroyd LP – Wax Romeo

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