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Some of the big producers are so less-known to the public, which is a shame.  Yet Morrocan producer RedOne has had his share of recognition already, although maybe not under the microscope by all.  His portfolio is ridiculous; working with everyone from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga, J-Lo, Havana Brown (the list goes on…), his label is distributed by Cash Money Records, he’s won 2 grammys, but it took seeing Nicki Minaj’s “Pound The Alarm” video to bring me to research him.  Over breakfast, super early in the morning (really the only time MTV ever plays videos anymore), this video came on and curiosity hit me like a brick wall dying to know who produced the ripping electric track.  It was a sort of shock when I heard the song and liked the production.  It was a good start to that day knowing some “pop” tracks aren’t just bubble garbage, and have an amazing talent behind them.

RedOne on : Facebook | Twitter

Vato Gonzalez

Seems only fitting to discuss the Dutch producer, Vato Gonzalez, what with ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event, quite sure you’ve seen you’re favorite artists talking about their performances there over the past few days) happening right now.  Best known for his “Badman Riddim” track with Foreign Beggars, he released “Hangover” the other day (via Beatport HERE), which deserves a listen.  The heavy electro track could be a Saturday night anthem for some, and by some I mean those who will be sippin’ water all day Sunday couchside with the dreaded implied hangover.  The only thing I can leave you with are the words straight from the producer himself, which I believe are amazing and could only hope that more producers in the future think this way:
“Whether your kid brother or the biggest super producer in the World has produced the record, I could care less. Genres do not apply, whether it’s tech-house, progressive, Brasil Funk, Baltimore club or electro, as long as the tune has that essential energy to rock my socks! Goodbye to the boring overproduced and politically overhyped records of the past! Hello to the thumping, rocking, down low and dirty records of the future, which give punters their money’s worth when they go out clubbing.”

Listen: Hangover-Vato Gonzalez

Listen: Bad Gyal Riddim – Vato Gonzalez

Vato Gonzalez on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Nishin Verdiano

Reinventing himself more times than Madonna is Polish producer, (this time) Nishin Verdiano.  He’s already had numerous projects in the past, experimenting with hip-hop, R&B, trance, Drum & Bass, and almost anything within this spectrum.  His newest track “Son of a Glitch” features some stringy stabs of synth with a drumline that adds a little funkiness to a glitchy sound (and blends quite well).  As he is still building his alias this time around, the future should be interesting to see how Nishin Verdiano continues to develop.

Listen: Son of a Glitch (Original Mix) – Nishin Verdiano

Listen: Sun Goes Down (Original Mix) – Nishin Verdiano & AK9

Nishin Verdiano on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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