Miguel Campbell and Matt Hughes (who collectively make MAM) both have the rare and distinct talent of being able to synthesize the sounds of 80’s disco with the deep house basslines of today. When the two combine their brilliant minds, it’s nearly impossible for them to create a bad song, and their EP Happyness doesn’t disappoint. With funky-ass basslines, groovy, soulful guitar riffs, and heart wrenching vocals, it’s obvious to see why Nice To Be Records would release this nu-disco gem as their label’s debut album. Starting off with the title track, MAM shows once again why they are at the head of the nu-disco movement, exemplifying their excellent use of guitar and bass samples. The second song, “Hand In Hand,” is a soulful burner that is perfect for those intimate moments late night. Then comes in “Foursome,” the dancefloor banger of the EP. This track sees the duo turning up the tempo and the heat, creating a jam that’s hard not to tap your foot too. Closing out the album is a second edit of “Happyness,” which sees MAM add some swing to their original track. Below are the EP’s sexy disco grooves to start your Friday night off right! Also, with Miguel Campbell’s first full length LP, Back In Flight School  being released on Hot Creations next week, I have included some preview tracks for the album (which is shaping up to be my favorite release of the year).

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Purchase: Happyness – MAM

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