From 1990 to 1999, Electronic Dance Music begun a separation from the mainstream disco/dance movement and started to promote its own direction into the techno/rave scene, with one of its most prominent genres being Acid House. With trippy and industrial like synth-lines and a hard, 4-on-the-floor kick pattern, this genre was a forefront to many of the genres that we ¬†listen to today, finding elements within electro, house, reggae, dubstep, and even the charismatic “trapstyle.” But what could be so interesting about a genre of music from over a decade ago? Well, the extremely talented and unpredictable David Heartbreak has created a 6 song EP that highlights the power and alluring qualities of Acid House whilst still maintaining a 21st century approach. You’ll understand what I mean once you hear the tracks, as the collection and quality of the music within this EP is quite a feat. Featuring artists such as Alexandre, Blood Eagle, J – Kray, Jon Kwest, Nicademass, Rex Riot, and Simon Says, there is one hell of a lot of talent to be heard, so grab your FREE DOWNLOAD below and reintroduce yourself to the term “rave”.

Download : David Heartbreak Gives You: ACID


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