When you think of Oklahoma City, what comes to mind? Perhaps a slower-moving city surrounded by cornfields; perhaps think of the dust-bowl; but when I think of Oklahoma City, one of the first things that comes to mind is a duo who go by the name Kids At The Bar. These guys have been on my radar for a couple years now and are no stranger to The Dankles. When the Kids, as I like to call them, drop a new track it is almost always fire! Today, with a new remix of an electronic classic, is no different. Justice‘s “DVNO” is a staple on the Cross album and Kids At The Bar took the opportunity to revive this one with a forward thinking electro house remix. Chopped up vocals and a Zedd-like baseline is guaranteed to get the blood flowing on this one. It’s yours below.

Download: DVNO (Kids At The Bar Remix) – Justice


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