I’m not lying when II say that ETC!ETC! produced one of my ALL TIME favorite tracks, “Bad Kitty,” which I play at least twice a day, so naturally I pounce on his new tracks faster than a cat on a closest mouse.  Today we’re given his version of “Fiji,” which is from LA-producer Ryan Mark‘s latest EP.  ETC!ETC! sews his signature sound into the release’s title track with plenty of 808s, wup synths (that sound more like bubbles popping), and a few moombahton elements. This take on the track still preserves the tropical bass/future bass vibe of the original, but it adds a little booty poppin’ flare to take it to the next level. He’ll have you imagining hula dancers and pina coladas in no time.  Tomorrow, we’ll present the whole EP when it drops in its entirety, but enjoy the preview until then!

Download: Fiji (ETC!ETC! remix) – Ryan Marks
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/4ht5.mp3]


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