Supporting our local artists is something we uphold above everything here at The Dankles. We have a very reciprocal relationship: Many of the producers who we’ve seen grow within our residing cities over the last few years were the first ones to show us love and help our site reach the point we are at today. The duo that make up Team Bayside High were among the first artists to take a young John — The Dankles founder — and I under their wings and show us what the hell Chicago’s electronic music scene was all about. All these years later, the two have never steered away from their original goal: To make anyone that comes in contact with their work break a sweat on the dancefloor. Their latest track has been glossed over with some trapstyle melodies which should be right up the ally for many of you! Enjoy mes Amis.

Download: Haze Boogie Life (Team Bayside High Remix) – Mykki Blanco


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