Y’all know it’s Tuesday and I’m sure a good lot of you are diggin’ around for something to twerk it up in the office to but if ‘twerkin’ isn’t exactly up your alley how about a little blubbery space bass to get you flopping around and weirding out your boss? Before we let these tunes loose on you guys let me first shed a little light on what exactly this release is! The first time a ‘Clipping Paths’ compilation was released back in 2007 it set the tone for a slew of artists who are now fairly regular names in the realms of bass and glitch. On this first release Muti Music featured acts such as OoahVibesquadAn-ten-nae, and Dov before they had made carved out their individual notches in the scene that we see now 5 years later! That being said you can be sure Muti Music brought out the arsenal for this new installment of ‘The Clipping Paths’. This time compiled by long time producer and head of Muti MusicDov, he definitely had a lot to chose from with all the talent Muti has on the bill. This final concoction of matter from all corners of the galaxy (19 artists to be exact) leaves us soaring through the cosmos in awe of what Muti has to offer. We get a sprinkling of music from bigger name like ill.Gates, Stephan Jacobs, Dov, MimosaSugarpill, and AMB while at the same time the cracks are filled in by artists entirely new to me (such as Vapor Mache and the italian beat guru Grillo). Below are a couple of tracks that truly stuck out to me on the release so give them some ears and be sure to get this entire compilation if you want it all!

01. Grillo – Amiga (3:52)
02. AMB – Tipsy Wings (4:52)
03. Sugarpill – Driving (3:03)
04. Dubvirus – Invoke (4:40)
05. BEAT3 – Fd in the A (4:44)
06. Zen Death Squad – Galaxy (4:02)
07. Jake Robertz – Slow Burn (5:05)
08. Mimosa – Diamond Bracelets (2:50)
09. Vapor Mache’ – Drag (5:23)
10. SeventhSwami – Letters from The Void (5:04)
11. AMB – Tipsy Wings (Bx2 remix) (3:12)
12. Greg Reve & J-Filter – On Point (3:14)
13. Dov & ill.Gates – Mafkas Ketamorphosis (2:52)
14. Knowa Knowone – Shamans Journey (5:00)
15. Stephan Jacobs & Jupit3r – It’s Gonna Rain (Tribute to Lazy Slave) (4:05)
16. Dov – Halfway to Hokitika (5:10)
17. Sayr – Thru It (4:46)

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