The Into The AM tour, featuring Candyland, Singularity, and Them Lost Boys, made their stop to Chicago this past Thursday at Smart Bar.  The enthusiasm of the crowd early in the night was high, displaying dance moves that you only wish you could copy, proving Chicago was ready to show the Into The AM artists how we get down.

Them Lost Boys started the night off right with a ton of energy, filling the air with wobbly beats and a great blend of electro, house, and glitch hop. Their set included songs off their new EP Get Lost, featuring original mixes “Get Lost (Feat. Asimov Black)”, “Fifty One”, and “Drop This (Feat. Kelsey B)”.  It was banger after banger with these guys, including songs by 12th Planet, Skrillex, and Knife Party.  The crowd loved it, creating a dance-off circle where anyone from break dancers to brave soloist could show their moves.  I was extremely impressed with their live mixing and attention to detail in their music, setting them aside from the DJs who just push play.

The crowd was now warmed up and ready for Candyland, not the board game you knew and loved as a kid, but two young producers from Santa Barbara who took the stage with confidence.  They started their set off with heavy bass and a mix of “It’s bigger than Hip- Hop” by Dead Prez followed by “Jump Around” by House of Pain.  I was surprised this young duo was playing classic hip hop throw backs that aren’t often heard in the EDM scene, but the crowd loved it, including myself.  I was especially excited to hear some of their OG mixes, since trap music has become increasingly popular.  Some highlights of their set included, “Snap Your Fingers” by Lil Jon (Candyland’s OG remix), “Sandstorm” by Darude (Candyland’s OG remix) mixed with Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close”,  “Gangnam Style” by Psy (Canyland’s OG remix), and their newly released remix of Krewella’s “Can’t Control Myself.”  These guys do a great job of incorporating a wide variety of EDM and Hip Hop in their music, making their set appealing to everyone.   Look out for their new 7-track EP Bring The Rain, which will feature original collaborations and will be released exclusively on Spinnin’ Records later this year.

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