Seen as this has been a late one over on our end as some of us pack our bags and gear up for a little westward road trip I figured why not bring you night owls out there a little something something (unless you’re an early riser that is). Here we have a producer that has just recently come to my attention, a UK producer who goes by the alias Bear Face. With just a beat tape and some tracks out floating around soundcloud under their belt thus far this young 19 year old producer has to have me under some sort of hypnotic trance because I have been straight hooked on this. I chose to toss Bear Face’s rerub of Justin Timberlake’s ‘My Love’ up there hoping it’d catch some attention but if you like this dragged out lullaby please continue on an listen to the little treats I slid in underneath this remix. I hope these grainy atmospheric beats soothe your mind for a little while, kick on back and see what Bear Face has up their sleeves.


Get the Beat Tape HERE

Bear Face on Facebook | Soundcloud

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