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Bert on Beats

I was so psyched when I received this EP from Trouble & Bass the other day that I just HAD to share it with you.  Estonian producer Bert on Beats released his “Modern Vampires” EP just last week, and it grabbed our attention immediately.   You may have heard his massive tracks on Man Recordings and Enchufada from the past including his version of “Express Yourself” and “Original Don”.  He takes heavy influences from kuduro and baile and whips those together with a European big-room electro flair, which makes for an irresistible elixir that our eardrums crave to be fed.  “Modern Vampires” is a dreamy DJ-friendly intro that soon goes for the jugular, dropping into mega low-end and heavy kicks—real neck-snapping business. The EP rolls on with “Flute Thing,” an innocent sounding name for a track that’s a crazy mix of uplifting and hard: Pan chasing Mozart around a speaker stack.  Tropical percussion and handclaps pair with razor-sharp synth work to form the ass-shaking backdrop of “Get Your Freak On”.  Get to know this European name, as I’m sure being paired with T&B, he’ll be over here in the US performing live for us in no time flat!

Listen: Modern Vampires EP – Bert on Beats

Bert on Beats on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Black Tiger Sex Machine

The futuristic trio originally hailing from Montreal is quite a conundrum to me.  Their music is ridiculously well put together, and holds my attention well, which says a lot these days.  Yet the lack of information about them sparks my interest even more.  It’s sort of like UZ – whose identity remains to be known (yet), it just heightens the appeal level, the same applies to this trio.  When performing live they all wear these trademark tiger helmets, hiding their identities.  Nevertheless their “Studs, Spikes & Blood EP” features six tracks; 3 originals and 3 remixes (featuring Kai Wachi, Pornorockerz & Seek N Destroy).  The project is full of dark tracks that cover all genres; from grimey, heavy wobbled out dubstep growly tracks to fast electro house ala video game type to acidy trap.  I’ll say, its been a while since I’ve found a new producer or group to follow, and Black Tiger Sex Machine has grabbed my attention on so many platforms, that I cannot WAIT to see them live in person when they make their first rounds of the US. 

Listen: Studs, Spikes & Blood EP – Black Tiger Sex Machine

Black Tiger Sex Machine on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


Just as frustrating as it is magical to watch develop, I present thirteen year old producer Mandrake.  Yes, that’s correct, 13.  Check out his first release ever, an original mix called “Prism” below.  It sounds like its been made by one of our favorite seasoned vets, but its not.  The amount of raw talent untapped and untainted by the industry is the best resource that our EDM scene has at any longevity.  With a certain calmness of the glittered glitches throughout, there are so many productional elements wrapped in a tiny five minute package here.  The glitch-hop theme that Mandrake was going for here was acheived with flying colors.  The newer “subgenre” that Mandrake explores, if you want to call it that, neurohop, goes a bit deeper than glitch-hop and incorporates some dubstep and funk elements that spicen up the mix.  We will definitely be keeping up with Mandrake to bring you his works as they drop, so stay tuned to see where the maybe-Beiber of EDM can take us!

Listen: Prism (Original Mix) – Mandrake

Listen: Kaiju (WIP Preview) – Mandrake

Mandrake on Facebook | SoundCloud

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