The highly anticipated first full length album by Miguel Campbell came out today on Hot Creations, and it gets my vote for album of the year! This cross genre gem sees Miguel Campbell continue to create the nu-disco bangers that has gotten him thus far, while also delving into the past to influence his signature clubby and energetic sound. Starting off strong with the title track “Flight School,” Miguel exhibits his extraordinary ability to bring the 80’s disco sound into deep house of today and continues to deal out guaranteed dance floor burners with the tracks “Love Electric,” “Not That Kind Of Girl,” and “Rockin’ Beats”. As sexy goodness of this album continues, Miguel Campbell takes the listener farther back into the 80’s disco of “Boy”, the 70’s funk of “Night Mode” and the 60’s soul of “Life” eventually closing out with the seductive synth and piano of  “Take Off.” This album is sure to be recognized as one of the best LP’s of the year, and gives an insightful look into what we can expect from one of the fastest growing artists in nu-disco. Below is a preview of the album (which unfortunately, does not do the whole product justice) as well as an essential mix done by Miguel Campbell earlier this year. If there’s any album that you buy this year, make sure that it’s this one.

Purchase: Back In Flight School LP – Miguel Campbell

Download : Essential Mix (08/25/2012) – Miguel Campbell


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