When I first started listening to producers like Big Gigantic and GRiZ I was fascinated. Something was so intriguing about the way that their airwaves traveled through the speakers that no other artist has accomplished before. All of their sounds were so original and organic. Now I know, that is a broad statement and could easily be said about any producer who creates their own music, but there was something significantly different about these artists that was just different compared to anyone else I’ve heard before- they had funk.

When I first got to the show, I was stocked. As an avid concert junkie, I am embarrassed to say that I have never been to either one of their shows before. Big Gigantic comes to Lawrence quite often. Unfortunately something has always gotten in my way of my attendance, but not this time.

As I walked into the small and extremely personal concert venue here in the tiny town of Lawrence, GRiZ was already throwing down. One of the best parts had to be the nerd costume, which he pulled off quite nicely- glasses and all. It’s not everyday you see mass amounts of people dancing to a guy in red suspenders. He played tons of tracks from his new album Mad Liberation, along with mixes that had some trappy and bass-dropping elements that were a hit. GRiZ has a very unique and advanced style of music that is nearly impossible to find in young artists. He doesn’t use intricate equipment and just play around with the sound. Instead he lets the music teach him by using technology primitively and incorporates elements that are revolutionary to electronic music, like vinyl records. There is so much more meaning to his music than most artists and that is clear when it comes to his presence on stage.

Ten minutes after GRiZ finished his set, Big Gigantic embraced the stage. And holy shit was their set-up unreal! It reminded me of Daft Punk- and Daft Punk is a legend. The lights turned on abruptly and there were two HUGE domes- one for Dom and one for Jeremy, and then the face melting began. It’s nearly impossible to describe to you this light show they put on. It had to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. They had costumes on as well, both were dressed as matching pirates.

Big G’s stage presence was one of a kind. Dom along with producing the music, played the saxophone, which had to be the most beautiful aspect about the show, and Jeremy played the drums. It was obvious they felt the groove of the audience and they funked out throughout the entire performance.

Half way through the concert, I turned around and there was Grant aka GRiZ dancing with everyone to Big G’s performance. It had to be the highlight of my night. Artists who can appreciate music and get a feel for their audience at their own show usually have the most talent. Accomplishments can only be achieved through what you experience.

As the night went on I think everyone in attendance can agree that the three showed Lawrence what was up! I also vowed to myself, after this night, to NEVER miss another opportunity to see Big Gigantic live ever again.

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