There’s nothing I hate more than that little man dancing like he’s riding an imaginary horse or something, but I can’t lie, Dirt Monkey’s remix right here goes hard.  Dirt Monkey is a Denver/Boulder local, Sub.mission resident DJ and can be found opening at Beta frequently.  Dirt Monkey has done an excellent job making a name for himself in a very bass-saturated market such as Denver.  Nonetheless, Dirt Monkey comes through with a booty bouncing remix to PSY’s hit tune “Gangam Style”.  If you’r digging this catch Dirt Monkey, Sound Remedy and more at Absinthe House on November 7th!  It’s rare that Absinthe opens its doors for a more club setting but The Dankles, Moombroton and Monark Clothing are giving you one epic night!

Download: Gangam Style (Dirt Monkey remix) – PSY


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