This may have been the single best set that I have ever seen. Walking into the Larimer Lounge with it’s tin chimneys shaking from bass inside, I saw that no more than 200 people could pack themselves onto the dance floor and I knew I was in for an extremely intimate show. It wasn’t until I saw the sound guy setting up Disclosure‘s extensive set that I truly realized how unique of a show I was locked in for. With a slew of MPC’s, live percussion instruments, and several keyboards, the duo took the stage. From the get-go the two worked with perfect chemistry, one playing the basslines or synths while the other played live samples or percussion. This was one of the most creative and impressive uses of Ableton I have ever seen, and really shows the potential of having a fully live DJ set. Seamlessly working one track into the other, Disclosure created an energized and frenzied dance floor playing all of the songs that’s made them a top UK act as well as a few unreleased tracks. The song choice was superb and kept the vibe extremely funky and fun. Being on their first tour of the U.S., these guys are definitely a can’t-miss act. I’ve added a few videos from the show, so be sure to check out the amazing live performance (excuse the poor quality, the videos were really shaky and the stabilizer didn’t work too well). If you’re ever lucky enough to have them play around you, you simply must catch them live.

Listen : Disclosure playing “Latch” @ Larimer Lounge

Listen : Disclosure @ Larimer Lounge

Listen : Disclosure playing “Running” @ Larimer Lounge

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