Halloween is always a great time of year. The leaves change, the temperatures drop and the onset of winter slowly creeps into our nights.  Halloween offers people a chance to be someone who they are not for a night or two.  When it comes to music, producers often take the opportunity to create something a bit different and darker compared to their usual tracks.  We took the time to compile 13 tracks that exhibit terrifying characteristics.  Many of you would probably expect a full list of the most brutal dubstep known to man, but we attempted to find tracks across multiple genres that still give you the creeps when listening!  Enjoy and stay spooky my friends!  (Just a heads up, this list is in no way ranked in order of best to worst)

1. Chainsaw Calligraphy – 16bit

If there is one track that exemplifys terrifying, heavy and filth all in one, it’s 16bit’s “Chainsaw Calligraphy”.  If Texas Chainsaw Massacre didn’t have a soundtrack, this would have fit perfectly.  For those that we unaware, 16Bit recently broke up over the Summer for pretty much unknown reasons.  Eddie Jefferys has parted ways an taken a new alias as, The 13.  Jason Morrison the other half of 16bit has taken on the name Kiss This.  I actually haven’t kept up with these new names, but if their new material is sounding anything like the older stuff than I’m sure it’s to DIE for.  Beware, “Chainsaw Calligraphy” is not for the faint of heart and will the soundtrack to your nightmares for the next couple weeks!

Download: Chainsaw Calligraphy – 16bit

2. Vampires Do Exists – PRIMA VOLTA

Nothing brings in the Halloween season better than a bone-chilling, high-pitched exclamation of pure terror, like the scream from an innocent female victim. So, it only seems appropriate that it could be used as a drop to a Halloween-themed heavy dubstep song, right? Well, the LA-based dubstep/electro producer Prima Volta decided to contribute this shriek-filled track to the Whiiite Presents Halloween EP, and man is it spooky. Filled with heavy rising and falling bass noises and epic Dracula-samples, this song will transform anybody from human to bass-monster.


Damian Lazarus is known worldwide for his weirdness, often going on trippy tangents of odd sounds during his live sets. Being the owner of the highly successful label Crosstown Rebels, Damian really shows off his peculiarly creepy and dark sound with the song “Finding It Hard” (up for free download). Playing Oliver the musical’s “Reviewing the Situation” at half-speed over the top of some eerie sound effects, Damian holds back the heavy bass until the three minutes in. This track isn’t going to blow your socks off like the heavy dubstep found in the rest of this post, but the eeriness of the laughs and odd nature of this track is what finds it on the list!

Download : Finding It Hard – Damian Lazarus


Coki, one half of the dubstep duo Digital Mystikz saw the first release on his new label Don’t Get It Twisted with his own EP, Bob’s Pillow last month. The title track is heavy and is an amazing production itself, but the B-side song “Spooky” is where things get truly haunting. Initially exploding out into heavy meditative bass-weight, the track picks up a tormented piano line in the second drop that belongs in an insane asylum.

Download: Spooky – Coki

 5. The Werewolf – Figure 

One man stands alone on his conquest of all monsters and alien beings.  The Indiana dubstep producer, Figure has been all about spooky, scary tracks since his inception.  One of the first tunes I ever heard from Figure has remained my favorite to this day.  “The Werewolf” is just a classic example of how Figure uses his samples to the full effect.  I’ll never forget the phrase, “And the moon is full and bright” in the creepiest voice.  If you’re a fan of Figure and don’t have these tunes, you’re missing out!

Download: The Werewolf – Figure

Download: The Werewolf (VIP MIX) – Figure

6. Hilinner (Gesaffelstein remix) – Crackboy

While I am definitely a little biased towards Gesaffelstein, this track without a doubt can contend.  You can think of Gesaffelstein as the dark lord of techno.  Many of his tracks bring out an evil, dark and sinister side of a brooding techno track.  “Hilinner” is a perfect example of a dark tune, with it’s evil screeches and dark basslines.  While putting together this post I battled between using Gesaffelstein’s “Viol” over this tune.  Both are just as dark and evil, so I included both below!  Stay Spooky!

Download: Hilinner (Gesaffelstein remix) – Crackboy

Download: Viol – Gessafelstein

7. Psychotic – Alvin Risk

Alvin Risk is technically a new-comer to the big time music scene, but his production and execution of every track is on-point.  Alvin’s latest offering was his Infinity EP, released in April of this year.  Two tracks on this EP stand out among almost anything else that Alvin has done.  The first being “Pray” which is a terrifying tune that features Jason Butler belting away screams like we’re still listening to screamo in 8th grade.  The second tune “Psychotic” is just self-explainitory.  “Psychotic” is terrifying.  The distorted vocal samples that sound like they could be from Saw IV and incredibly intense synths makes this track a spooky addition.

8. Bed Time Stories (Extended Live Version) – Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin is known for his insane live show, his amazingly complex music and now you may think of him in a creepy light.  “Bed Time Stories” capitalizes on its use of a lullaby type melody that give you a feeling that something is off.  If you’re familiar with Amon Tobin then this might come as no surprise, but the tune takes a turn for the darker more sinister side when he introduces the bass and glitches to the track.  In all of Amon Tobin’s catalogue of tunes, I’m sure it would not be hard to find more tunes just like this.  I envision this track as a sort of dream turned nightmare, and if you place it in the context of Halloween, this track fits right in.

9. Moonlight Sonata (Sound Remedy remix) – Beethoven

You might find this to be a little surprising, but out of all of Sound Remedy’s tunes this is by far the darkest, creepiest one.  Sound Remedy is more often than not known for his uplifting incredible remixes and originals, but this tune has a bit of a darker feel than most.  This may have been one of the first tracks I ever heard from Sound Remedy too.  The way he takes a classic like “Moonlight Sonata” and transforms it into something dark and creepy is a feat in itself.  Come see Sound Remedy at Absinthe House next week Nov. 7th!

10. Halloween Funtime REMIXMONSTRousMASHup – Pretty Lights

Just in time for Halloween, Pretty Lights drops us a new tune that will make your heads spin.  It was utterly convenient that while I was putting together a post like this Pretty Lights drops us a classic bass tune.  Pretty Light’s remix/mashup tune here takes the classic sample from the movie Halloween and gives it an even more evil twist.  This bass-filled monster is sure to give you goosebumps when listening late at night!

11. Apocalypse (Original mix) – Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Cookies is probably a producer than not many of you are familiar with.  Well, CCC is a producer that splits his time between Italy and the UK.  He’s released tunes on Dim Mak in the past and probably will in the future.  This tune “Apocalypse” shows us what the end of the world zombie apocalypse sounds like to a tee.  The loud, screeching synths and white noise takes over our hearing and we are soon built up to a massive electro tune.  The use of an organ and other instruments gives this track a haunting feel from start to finish.

Download: Apocalypse (Original mix) – Chewy Chocolate Cookies

12. Who Are You (Bloody Beetroots remix) – Proxy

It would have been pretty hard to compile a list like this and not include The Bloody Beetroots.  While not all of their tunes are completely sinister, this remix exemplifies perfect spooky characteristics.  First of all Sir Bob Cornielus is remixing Proxy, a dark electro Russian producer.  The vocal samples give us a sense of confusion and insecurity.  The intro is ominous and repetitive, slowing building up to a classic creepy sample, “Who the fuck are you? I have no fucking idea, why don’t you just sit back.”

Download: Who Are You (Bloody Beetroots remix) – Proxy

13. IxC999 – WHITE RING

This is a tune that probably most of you have never heard of.  The style or genre of Witch House came about in the last couple of years but takes characteristics of trap, chillwave and a number of other genres and combinds them all.  You could consider Purity Ring the new witch house of this year.  Anyways I came across this track from White Ring a while ago but it has always remained a spooky track to me.  The hauntingly distorted vocals along with gun shots and a dark atmospheric melody make this tune a sure-fire terrifying track!

Download: IxC999 – White Ring

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