Damn. If you don’t know about Boeboe, you’re about to be enlightened into a world of Dutch excellence. We here at The Dankles are generally down for every and anything out of Amsterdam 😉 and this most definitely no exception! This track is as trill as they come. The original was hot enough for Sir Daedelus himself to feature, so you already know his remix is going to be pure fuego. This remix was already streaming on his Soundcloud, but with a nice remastering job done, Boeboe was ready to release this track for download, and you wont be let down by giving it a click!!!

Download: Boeboe – Act Stupid (Boeboe’s Meet Her At The Trap Parade Remix) {Exclusive Remaster}

Info: This 27 year old producer out of Lelystad (a small town not far from Amsterdam where he is currently in the process of moving) has a background ranging from guitar-based rock of most kinds to piano-based jazz. His love for electronic music started in making hip-hop beats for everyone in his area off the program FastTracker, while touching on most genre’s of EDM. Then like many others in our generation, Dubstep hit, in which he formerly became a member of a crew called “Angry Goose” which he used to make the majority of music for, however, he found his niche in that which is: Boeboe. This stuff which he has been creating has gotten him buzz by the likes of 22Tracks and a feature on Daedelus’ mix for Fact Magazine. Keep up with him as there are many releases coming from this guy in the near future with Saturate, BMKLTSCH, Basserk, Wotnot, Kathaus and ClubTapes and many others, including remixes from the likes of G Jones and Subp Yao.


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