Los Angeles-based Eskmo is something of a special character. The producer — real name Brendan Angelides — has been taking a slightly different approach to life and art than one would expect from a modern day electronic musician. You could use his mystic and visually stunning videos as an example, or his tendency to sing over his beats during a live performance. But what really elevates Eskmo to another realm of beatmaking mastery is his work ethic. As a recent feature in LA Weekly pointed out, there is no quick collaborations, rushed remixes, or prolonged periods of sleepless time spent in the studio. He wakes every morning, slowly, deliberately, and retreats to his instruments, “while consciously trying to stay present and avoid dipping into frantic work mode.” It’s quality over quantiyt for Angelides, so when he gifts the listening world new material, you better take notice.

Two days ago, he slipped a new EP onto his website. It’s titled Language, and although it certainly retains that unmistakable Eskmo vibe, the result breaches new territory. Upon first listen, this 5 song release feels a bit more melodious. Eskmo’s work in the past has been defined by, among many other things, an invigorating pounding. Language replaces the energy with a concrete mood. The atmosphere is nearly tangible as you progress through these unique, yet very cohesive tracks. In this sense, the EP sounds like it couldn’t have come from any other musician. It’s all Eskmo from start to finish.

Listen to Language EP below, and then support the guy with either a $1.00, $3.00, or $5.00 donation if you’d like to have the tracks for yourself.


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