Earl Sweatshirt‘s return to the States from boarding school in Samoa was not really what we expected after all the “FREE EARL” hype. Maybe we set too high of expectations, or maybe he’s just staying reserved to preserve his legacy, but we have yet to hear an official new song from the youngest Odd Future member until now. After hearing him on Flying Lotus’ “Between Friends”, we saw that Earl has grown up since we last heard him on EARL. “Chum” is the best possible comeback song we could ask for, focusing on serious issues like Complex finding him in Samoa and his father leaving him — a far cry from the topics of rape and murder from his first mixtape. While Odd Future has arguably lost the unbelievable level of hype since their inception, Earl Sweatshirt is here to show that they’re more than just hype and have the talent to back it.

Listen: Chum – Earl Sweatshirt

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