Justice at Congress Theater

The life of a music blogger now a days is all about being the first to do a provide a resource to a growing base of people who want to hear the newest music produced at that very moment, the earliest recap of an event that took place, and first chance to hear about a show coming to town. The Dankles team and myself try our very best to bring you the latest and greatest of whats out there musically all while getting into the field and reporting from as many shows, events, and festivals that we could attend. After going through a whirlwind of trying to do everything Chicago had to offer between Memorial Day and Labor Day, my body was left in pretty bad shape both physically and mentally too the point that I decided to take a break from it all to acquire some much needed R&R. Telling people of my break from attending live music until further notice wasn’t the easiest thing to speak of and though many thought I had just disappeared from The Dankles in general, their was only one show in the cards that could bring me back from self imposed exhile in the correct style and manner.

Justice at Congress Theater

Though I have brought this story up on our site a few times and to those who’ve asked me what the 1st electronic show I attended was, John and myself will never forget the events that took place that fateful New Years Eve when Justice ushered in 2009 in emphatic style. Through the years, that one show has stood the test of time as anyone there could tell you that seeing Justice at the height of their power on such a special occasion was something that hasn’t been replicated in any of the last 3 NYE shows here in Chicago. But their was one flaw from that historic performance that has dwelled in the back of my mind all this time…..Justice only outstretched their talents enough for a DJ set and didn’t include any of their original music. With the release of another top selling album titled Audio, Video, Disco and excluding the DJ set tag,  Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay came to Chicago on a beautiful Wednesday evening to rekindle the magic from that fateful night.

Justice @ Congress

After passing the elite Congress security team, we weren’t greeted to the usual mass overload of raver babies that inhabit the theater at every show. With this being a school night and a full lineup of events taking place a few days later, the crowds diversity was unlike anything I’ve ever seen with business suits, blouses, and briefcases seen in abundance as many travelled directly from work to attend the event. Chicago’s unsung hero Zebo was deputized with warming up everyones dancing feet and though we arrived to only see the last 10 minutes of his set, I do remember him giving a special shout out to Owen Bones as he played one of the up and comers tracks for all to hear. With a quick stage change, on came the french duo to a roar of applause as the infamous  lit up as they kicked off their set with Genesis. With Phantom and Stress coming through the audio system shortly after, it was good to see and hear Justice play the bangers from the days of old. Xavier even tickled the ivories for a bit as their stage setup opened to feature a Korg Radias. The last 30 minutes of the performance saw hits off their recent album come into play as Civilization, Newlands, and Audio, Visual, Dance were brought out and a lovely long rendition of their hit We Are Your Friends. After all was said and done, the two took to the stage and bowed to everyone as chants for an encore rang out but went unanswered. Was this performance anything like what took place on NYE 3 years ago? It depends on who you ask. But what I can say is that this was by far the best Wednesday night performance that has ever taken place in Chicago and french electro giants Justice will always be a fan favorite for life.

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