Kicking off an amazing Halloween weekend, this past Friday, the Dankles team took lift off at the Botton Lounge.  Chicago natives, The Polish Ambassador moved the crowd with their no-genre left behind motto.  From funk, glitch and edm, to hip hop, 80s music, jungle, and dub, the varietal mix ignited fan participation as well as exploratory dance moves. We’d call that a mission accomplished.

Now the first time I had ever heard of The Polish Ambassador, was through their alternate name known as Ample Mammal. From the moment I heard the song “Benjamin Beemin,” I could not stop dancing, wanted to hear more, and I instantly knew that I wanted to see them live.  As they say: You will be teased. You will be bounced. You will be gyrated towards a higher frequency of happiness. With Chicago glad to be part of the Superpowers tour, the presale reached over 400 tickets sold, making this TPA’s biggest Chicago show yet! What more could one ask for in a show!

Upon arrival, the atmosphere stimulated the senses. TPA’s visual artist Liminus provided us with an invigorating sight. His improvisational skills fused with video projection seamlessly complimented the unique flavor of sounds coming to our ears. As the show progressed, I took a look around the crowd only to see expressive movement throughout the entire venue. Even those at the bar had rhythm in their feet!  Their all-inviting music transcends time, bringing favorite past styles of music into a futuristic melodic beat. Job well done! Future Polish Ambassador/Ample Mammal fans: prepare to get your dance on – whatever dance that may be, because it is hard to stand still with this world-infused groove!

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