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Matanza, for all you non-Spanish speakers, literally means slaughter.  It’s used mainly when there’s a tragic event like a big bombing with hundreds of victims.  However, the Chilean trio known as Matanza was probably going for a different connotation, in my opinion, an audio slaughter.  Their tribal flare illuminates their tracks and catapults my mind to an oceanside party where everyone in attendance bops and bounces together like the waves.  Even looking back on some of their older tracks, its amazing to see the amount of elements they pull from different genres; including classic “guitarrista” strums, house basslines, dutch sliding synths, and much more.  The fusion of the unexpected into electronic music produced by Matanza keeps me coming back for more to see what the next recipe for success with consist of.

Listen: Yariry (Original Mix) – Matanza

Listen: Apolinar – Matanza

Matanza on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Cosmic Revenge

Here at The Dankles, we’re no strangers to the Pelican Fly label out of Brussels, but to most, their arsenal of artists is pretty unknown.  The first Pelican Fly gem that we’d like to expose is none other than Cosmic Revenge.  With a big part of his musical influences being based in the hip-hop world, he fits in swimmingly with the label, who mainly churns out the gully and hard hip-hop tracks that are EDM danceable.  These are the artists that we really need in the world right now.  I can picture at a live Cosmic Revenge set a raver girl with wings on her back and furry boots on her feet dancing right next to a group of buddies drinkin’ OE 40’s, the kind of music that unites people who never would under normal circumstances, and creates something in common, which isn’t an everyday occurrence.  So, whether you’re cruising around about to get lit with some garshes or looking to spice up the pre-game energy, throw on Cosmic Revenge’s tracks, few (if any) people will protest.

Listen: Hallucinations – Cosmic Revenge

Listen: No One Like You – Cosmic Revenge

Cosmic Revenge on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Porn Stars

I challenge you to find a porn-hating person (and no, christwire.com people don’t count).   Everyone has seen a clip or two in their days, girls included.  So when I first heard about the Brasilian duo, I was expecting it to be some dirty, grimey dubstep or fast DnB type sounds, but I was wrong.  The track “Time to Party” caught my attention immediately; featuring a calm electro build up with Jay Jacob’s melodic voice layered over.  Though some may be distracted by the vocals, the 808 kick infused drop mixes with some deathly high to low synths that may cause your body to explode in involuntary dance mode.  For me personally, I have a saying which is definitely part of the Porn Stars repertoire “high hats’ll make’m clap”.

Listen: Time to party (Original Mix) – Porn Stars feat Jay Jacob

Listen: Porn Movies (Original Mix) – Porn Stars

Porn Stars on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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