Australia is full of talent that has yet to be discovered or is just emerging on a larger scale.  Today we have an Australian duo, Indian Summer’s EP, Haunted.  It’s always refreshing to hear artists put out EP’s that doesn’t have a single track that sound similar to the next.  Haunted is just that, each track gives you something different and unique.

The title track on the EP, “Haunted” starts us off with a track that sounds something like Purity Ring, but drops off into a trap tune that is sure to get anyone grooving.  The next track, “I Do” is the duo’s most successful single that happened to make it onto the EP.  This tune gives us a little house beat to get into while the vocal sample, “I Do” repeats throughout.  “Walk Left” is the most familiar tune to me.  It sounds like a mix of older Steve Aoki jams and other electro house artists.  You’ll be hard pressed to find someone that can’t get into “Walk Left” because it’s just a universal dance track that should appeal to the masses.  My favorite of the four tracks on the EP, “Shifted” is essentially a great chillwave tune that is filled with soundscapes coupled with a filtered vocal sample.  The collection of sounds in “Shifted” is beautiful to say the least and is a perfect way to close out an EP of such diverse genres and sounds.  If you dig what is below then hit this LINK and download the entire EP for free!

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