The 2012 “Halloweek” has been quite the epic one, with new EP’s, mixes, and tracks popping off in every direction, and even though the week is now coming to an end, our Wobbleradar is still ringing with new music waiting to be posted. So, even this EP has been on the interweb for a few days now, this newest release by Philadelphia natives Jack Deezl and Architekt deserves a special spot in our limelight, as it has truly opened our eyes to the power and potential of these up-and-coming artists. Featuring 3 heavy dubstep songs and a groovy electro tune, the theme of the spooky season is riddled within each and every song, and I would personally recommend this EP to any dubstep fan who likes their bass noises, well, “unconventional” to say the least. These guys definitely deserve some recognition for The Hallow End EP, and I would seriously keep them both on your radar for future releases. So click the link below the player to download this free EP and scare the grime outta your buddies while you still can!

Jack Deezl on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Architekt on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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