Over the course of the past few weeks this young French producer has casually been working his way up my list of favorite artists. When I first stumbled across his remixes of XXYYXX’s ‘About You’ and Waka Flocka’s ‘Hard in the Paint’ I was straight hooked. To my enjoyment we were just recently graced with a fresh EP from this 18 year old producer. ‘Blur’ is a 4 track EP of lush lullabies that are the perfect addition to a lazy Sunday afternoon. The soft strings littered with airy vocals have had me listening to this over and over all weekend. I’ll cut myself off here so you guys can dig on into these gems, enjoy your Sunday folks! And check out the video above to ‘ROOFIES’, this was dropped a little while back but it’s definitely worth a watch.

If you’re digging what you’re hearing up top, swoop Dream Koala’s 2011 EP ‘You and I’ he just put out for free to see what some of his older chunes were like.

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