You’ll start finding The Dankles in some of the most unlikely places.  We now have contributors spanning the country in locations like Ohio, Kansas, Denver, Chicago and New York, and now you have a chance to hear about The Dankles in Miami.  We’ve recently partnered up with DailyEDM Radio.  A 24/7 electronic music radio station based in Miami.   DailyEDM Radio is much more than just a radio station.  They’re partners with Holy Bangers Recordings, showcase interviews on their website, hold remix contests and have a top 100 DJ poll.  You’re all probably familiar with DJ MAG’s Top 100, well if you haven’t heard, apparently the poll was manipulated with fabricated votes.  Voting in DailyEDM Radio’s poll is a sure-fire way to see an accurate representation of people’s views across the country.  Vote for the poll right HERE.

Along with DailyEDM being a fantastic source of EDM related material, they have a blog showcasing new and exciting tracks and they allow you to stream their radio station from their website, your phone and Itunes.  


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