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I can’t remember the last time an album was surrounded by so much hype while the artist still hid under a cloak of anonymity, but here we are approaching the release of Captain Murphy‘s Duality and we are still unaware of his identity. It was originally supposed to drop November 30th, or when he got 10,000 followers, but after reaching 10k so quickly he regretfully informed us via Twitter that we’ll have to wait until the 15k marker to get the album. To tide us over until then, he released a new track, this time collaborating with fellow Brainfeeder rappers Azizi Gibson and Jeramiah Jae, the duo behind this summer’s excellent “Ignorant Prayers” mixtape. Captain Murphy’s clever lyrics and vocal effects become more intriguing with every release, and Flying Lotus‘ influence is clear in his impecable selection of beats.

Download: Immaculation (ft. Azizi Gibson & Jeramiah Jae) – Captain Murphy


The Killing Joke – Captain Murphy

Download: Between Friends (ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy) – Flying Lotus


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