Chris Manik, aka MANIK, has been one of the most consistent and promising American producers as of late. Based out of New York, he has been pushing a mixture of local ’90s NY House, Nu-Disco, and Deep House. The extremely funky basslines that he produces are sleazy and deep, yet classy and profoundly original. Already releasing on labels such as OFF Recordings, Hot Creations, and Stranjjur in the last year, he has proven to be a workhorse in the studio. His Ten Times Ten EP was released on Culprit today and it exemplifies his extraordinary creativity and musical talent.

Starting with “Breakfast Club,” this EP explodes with funky deep house. Sexy groovy bass, distorted haunting vocals, and harmonizing piano show just what’s in store for the rest of the EP. “Heartbeat” is a hypnotizing deep house track that really picks up at the end of the sample below into a tribal tech house song. “Wave Eclectic” is just how it sounds, a wave of synth flowing in and out with some heavy bass behind it. “These Days” closes out the EP nicely with a down-tempo house track that has a lounge feel. Sensual vocals coming in over the calming bass and guitar really makes this a track one that’s sure to be on repeat. Below, I’ve also included his SoundCloud series of free downloads. Starting with the aggressive basslines of “Away From You” into the calming “Pink Matter” that’s similar to Chris Malichak‘s calming style, all these tracks show off MANIK’s amazing style.

Purchase : Ten Times Ten – MANIK

Listen : MANIK Rework/Edit Series


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