If you were one of the many fans of RaceCarBed‘s previous remix, “Mr. Sandman,” originally by the Chordettes, then we’ve got a treat for you. Just yesterday, the members of RaceCarBed, Eric aka “Bagel” and Stan, released their newest track, a remix of Crooker’s, “That Laughing Track,” and dare I say, it might just be better than the original. When artists reproduce a track, more often than not it seems to take away from the ingenuity of the song, rarely resulting in an improved version. Since the initial track had very little variety in tones and more of a pestering echo, Bagel and Stan used that to their advantage by not overwhelming the song with unnecessary accents. If you guys love the beat and style of Crookers reimaging of “That Laughing Track,” but need something easy on the ears, try giving this song a listen.


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