I’ve listened to more than a few remixes of this old school grime track, however none have really caught my attention like this one, submitted to us by Saratoga Springs-native Evac Protocol. With the trap epidemic being so prominent in these last few months, it seems that many dubstep artists have decided to test their skills on this bandwagon, leading to a reduced number of releases within their usual, wobble-centric norm. So, when this slow-set, grime-filled tune made its way inside our eardrums, we knew that there were still some producers out there keeping true to their own, O.G. selves. I wish I had some nasty phrase I could use to express the true depth of mind-wrecking bass sounds involved here, but unfortunately if I said what come to mind The Dankles would probably be banned in about 18 countries. So, snag a free download now and get your grime faces on!



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