Oh my god. How we missed this song’s initial release, I still don’t know, but the latest tune by the Netherland-trio Yellow Claw literally blew our perception of their potential out.the.f*cking.window. The rate that this track crosses genres within its mere 4 minutes is a feat in itself, and to do it with the creativity and strength that these producers show is an even greater one. Throughout the song, you will hear pop-filled hip-hop anthems, heavy and airhorn-certified trap melodies, ratchet and ear-ringing dubstep sinewaves, and industrial, 4 on the floor hardstyle grooves. There just aren’t enough adjectives in the English dictionary to cover all the types of sounds heard and emotions felt within this song, but this release only makes us more eager to hear what this dynamic threesome has to offer. So check out the music video, grab your free download below, show these cats some Facebook/Soundcloud lovin’ and get your brains busted!


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